I met Chad as I walked home from work. It was pretty cold today and Chad was hoping someone would help him out with a few bucks for some food. I didn’t mind and gave him a fiver. In response he asked if I wanted to take his photo. We talked for a few minutes about the camera and also how most people are pretty rude to him. He was surprised that I was willing to talk and was thankful for my politeness. I asked him how he’d like to pose for the shot and he came up with this one.

So often, we see people less fortunate than us and simply walk on by without a second thought. I’ve met many wonderful people along this photographic journey and have come away with quite a few amazing and humbling stories. Chad, from my point of view could be any of us. Loss of work, family, income, home, etc. can happen to any one of us. Meeting these folks and engaging with them is an inspiring and uplifting experience.