Website Revisions

I needed to step away from my website and figure out what exactly I was trying to do with it. My main interest has always been street photography and street portraiture. These two areas of photography have filled up several hard drives worth of storage. Lately, I have found my website/blog to be cluttered and without a clear direction. It had essentially become another Flickr where I was simply uploading randomly without much thought. As a result, I became less interested in updating this site.

As I want to continue enjoying the freedom of having my own website, I’ve removed all non-street photography related posts and/or photos. These can still be viewed on my Flickr account. When I first started this site my initial goal was to keep it focused and on target, not bloated and disorganized. I feel now that I have regained the focus and reason for having this website.

Thank you for those who have commented, “liked”, or simply visited content on the previous version!

As mentioned, all other images – included the posts that I have removed can be found at my Flickr account.

I will be posting a large portion of my favorite street photographs and street portraits from 2006 – 2014. My aim is to have new content uploaded on a weekly basis.

Happy new year!