Woman at Chatuchak

Wandering around the crowded and narrow soi’s of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok one can find nearly anything imaginable. For me, people watching and photography fit the bill. When I encountered this woman she immediately tugged at the heartstrings. She was selling little packages of tissue and other small items for a few baht each, held in baskets from a pole that she slung across her back. It must have been 40C, with people moving every direction; and there she was, doing her best to make a living. No one seemed to give her a second glance. I asked her in Thai if I could take her photo – she seemed surprised I could speak Thai and agreed. I took a couple of shots and showed them to her, and she laughed when I said she looked beautiful! I said thank you and we bought a few packs of tissue and parted ways. A pretty amazing encounter. By far the highlight of the market for me.

Thailand, 2011