Hong Kong Faces

Every day, the enthusiasm I have for street photography continues to grow. I’m sure anyone who has taken on a specific type of photography (or any thing else for that matter) feels the same way. I feel driven to record these scenes and faces, to learn and develop. No matter where I go in the world, the desire to capture these moments or expressions never wanes. The challenge to interact with strangers or a particular street becomes part of the adventure. Waiting on a sidewalk in Hong Kong, for example, watching the hustle and bustle, camera ready! For a street photographer, there is an adrenaline rush associated with an attempt to get the perfect shot.

What I find interesting about the first three images are the varied expressions in each; the fourth photo is all about expressions! The dapper elderly man has a somewhat curious expression on his face while the beautiful girl below seems to be in her element in front of the camera. The third man seems to be thinking “why does he take my picture?” but didn’t appear to care especially as he smiled and nodded after I said thank you. As I wrote in a previous blog entry, I don’t like to pressure people and interact rudely with them. For some photographers, the direct “in your face” method is their own personal style which I find invasive and crude. The three portraits below were all taken without permission, but followed up with a few kind words. It eases the tension and leaves the subject with a positive encounter. I would hate to have people thinking “what a fool” as I leave, although with some people, they’ll say it regardless!