Street photography is for every season

Winter in Canada can be and often is, brutal, especially here in Winnipeg where temperatures regularly hit -20 to -30C for extended periods of time.

Just because it gets cold outside doesn’t mean you have to pack up your camera gear and wait for warmer temperatures. Street photography in winter can present some interesting encounters and the gritty, snowy streets create a unique atmosphere.

Before I head out the door I don’t prepare my gear in any significant way. Other than ensuring I have a fully charged battery and some warm clothes, I generally keep things simple. If I’m using the Leica, the same applies other than no battery of course! Many winter photographers suggest bringing along plastic bags to wrap your gear before entering a warm building. I have never done this and my lenses and camera bodies have never failed. If I’m shooting digital, I always have my SanDisk Extreme Pro CF card which is excellent for both high and low temperatures.

Bottom line, just get out there and take photos!

Top photo:
I approached Ken rather quickly, pointed my camera at him and took the shot. He smiled after and asked what that was all about. I explained that I’m a street photographer and thought he would be a great subject. He was OK with it and I provided him with a business card to check out my work, if he was interested.

Bottom two:
Strictly candid, other than saying “hi” while passing.