Winnipeg Street: Mr. Singh

Although we did not say that much to each other, this encounter remains one of the most memorable for me. I noticed Mr. Singh sitting beneath the shade of a tree as it was quite hot on this day and I approached him. He didn’t hesitate when I asked him for a portrait and immediately stood up and got ready while I prepared the shot. I took a couple and showed him and he said very quietly “no, no, let’s try again” suggesting those first two weren’t good enough! I like an honest critic! I did another couple and upon reviewing them he gave a smile and approval.

I can only remember his last name, so he has always been known to me as Mr. Singh! A true gentleman.

Never be afraid to approach someone, even if you think they’ll say no or get angry. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Don’t miss out on a great photo opportunity because of nerves or a little voice in your head telling you to back down. You’ll know right away if the person is against having their photo taken – or in a Candid situation, if they’re going to create an issue if you take the shot.