Winnipeg Street: Paul

Paul and I had a rather lengthy conversation, mostly about photography. He was quite inspirational and I left feeling motivated. Some of the words he imparted were in regards to how I approach photography and how I see my subjects. When he asked if there are any
subjects I don’t like to take photos of, I replied “This building, for example (pointing to the Winnipeg Legislature); it has been photographed about a million times I’m sure, by a million photographers! It’s stale, boring…”

He cut me off and said boldly, “don’t think in those terms. Look at the building, or any subject as a blank canvas, something new, or previously unapproachable and take a photo from a different perspective.
Your camera is just the tool, something that gets the picture but it’s your eyes that have the ability to see something new or unique about that building. Imagine it as something else, not just a building….make it come alive.”
Although a lot of what he said was known to me, hearing someone else say it, especially someone I had just met on the street touched a nerve.

After some more conversation, we shook hands and parted ways. Upon leaving I asked if he had an email address where I could send the photos I took and he said, “don’t worry about it, just remember this face and those words when you’re out taking pictures! That’s all I need”.

Talk about an uplifting encounter!