Walking and Waiting

A few wintry street photos to share with you all this Saturday. These are quite random but I found each to be unique. I’ve really come to enjoy shooting street this season! Usually in Winter, I hibernate and keep my gear packed away other than a few outings! This year I’ve gone on several photo walks and have come away satisfied with many of the photos. I suppose it’s the gritty atmosphere that I love and the higher contrast I seem to get out of the photos.

A few updates:

I’m going to start a new photo-essay series called “A Journey To…” which will showcase locations that I found to be especially interesting. The first article will be posted in the coming days.

Photo Contest: I’ve been thinking of holding a photo contest for about 2 years now and have recently been inspired by a few awesome
people: Cathyreverse commuter, and Nicole Small. The contest will be open to all and be held every 6 months. If there is considerable interest, I’ll think about having more. Of course, there will be prizes including cameras, photographic accessories and other great items. The contests will be judged by outstanding photographers based solely on the merits of the photo submitted.

More on the contest, rules and how to enter soon.