Friday Evening Street Photography

Who’s going out taking pictures this weekend!? Hopefully I’ll hit the streets at least once between now and Monday, shutter blazing!

I did a couple of quick photo walks today and managed a few decent shots and met up with someone I had encountered on a previous walk.

Chad and I had talked briefly a few weeks ago. He’s quite a nice guy and we talked for about 20 minutes this time around. I helped him out with some cash for a hot meal and he mentioned that his father was in the military and ensured he learned respect and compassion and also not to get angry. He said it helped when passersby became frustrated with him asking for money or people simply being rude.  I proposed a possible photo-essay about his life when the days get warmer and he was intrigued and up for it. Hopefully we’ll keep in contact. He did not have any gloves so I gave him my pair as it was about -25C today – definitely not bare hands weather.

My previous post about Chad 

The other photos in this set were all candid and taken very quickly. I didn’t even realize at first the guy had a dog with him in his bag until I almost passed them by. Suddenly spotting the little fella I snapped this shot!