Winnipeg Street: Rita and Chris

The shot of Chris that I messed up. Kind of interesting I suppose :)

Another couple of photos from my Saturday walk. This photo of Rita was somewhat candid. I liked her hood and the way if framed her face. Holding up my camera, I made it known her photos was about to be taken and before she could react I snapped the shot. Not my typical style, but in this case it seemed to work well enough. She didn’t mind and took a business card to check out the site later if she wanted.

Chris immediately agreed to getting his photo
taken which was easier than me having to go into the reasons why I do this type of photography! After,
he showed me some of the performance art that he’s involved with on his mobile phone and he actually
liked one of the shots I messed up the most! It was completely overexposed and blown out – but upon reviewing it on the LCD, we both thought it was rather graphic and somewhat interesting. He used to live in Winnipeg and had just returned a couple of weeks ago.

Enjoy your Monday! Today is a holiday in Manitoba! I’ve just revised an article from my previous blog
and will post it tomorrow. In it, I discuss
some of the methods I use for street portraiture / street photography. Although I also have much to learn, this upcoming entry can assist those who aren’t quite sure how to begin.

I’ve reblogged this as I have now included the image of Chris that was overexposed.