Winnipeg Street: Tim

Went out for a Sunday photo walk, taking advantage of some beautiful weather (finally!) we’ve been having; if you can call -8C beautiful! For Winnipeg, that is a heat wave right about now. It was also part of an event organized by Nicole Small.

I noticed Tim from across the street, taking this position about to enjoy his coffee and a cigarette. I approached, and went ahead and snapped the photo you see below followed by the second, which was more “permission asked”. He was a great guy to talk to and our discussion included cameras and rangefinder focusing, the weather and smoking. He had stopped smoking for 5 years but recently purchased a pack but said he’d quit again after that pack was finished as several of his family members had passed away due to cancer.

Another photographer, Doug, also stopped by and took his shot as well (final image).It’s always great meeting other photographers, especially those interested in street! You can check out Doug’s work on Flickr.

After reviewing the images again at home, I kind of wish I framed the shot better because on the other side is a large photo of a coffee cup from above, which might have looked interesting :)