Winnipeg Street: Marvin and Kelsey

Another “on my way back to work photo”, this time of Marvin. I noticed him approaching and thought he’d make a great subject so I stopped him and asked if I could take a photo. At first he was a bit hesitant but gave in and asked what I would like him to do. “Nothing strange, don’t worry!” I replied, causing him to laugh. When I showed him the photo, he said “I look like Santa Claus!”. We shook hands and upon saying his name wrong (I called him Martin), he said loudly “Marvin! Everyone calls me Martin” while laughing. Everyone calls me Matt, I replied :) A brief, but entertaining encounter.

These next images were taken the other day on my Sunday photo walk. He said his name was Kelsey, although another Winnipeg photographer online said his name was Rob. So, who knows! He’ll be Kelsey on my blog, as that is what he told me! The hair; it was what made me want to take his picture! He’d been growing it for many years which is obvious, and I believe he said something like 23 years, which wouldn’t be too surprising. He had this great, animated smile!