Three for Tuesday

It’s been a good couple of days on the streets. A lot of people digging the camera and allowing themselves to be photographed! Good vibes all around :)
Three photos for this Tuesday evening:

1. Andy was quite cheerful and at first he thought I had taken his photo some other time. I remember everyones face who I’ve photographed, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t – but maybe I’m mistaken. He didn’t mind me taking this shot as he talked – so I’ll say it’s candid portrait! He has lived in Winnipeg since 1982 and originally came from Deer Lake, Ontario.

2. A candid portrait at the bus stop. I couldn’t resist as I just loved how his hood was wrapped around his head.

3. I liked the colours here, so tried to get him while he wasn’t looking, but he turned a bit and caught me mid-snap! Oh well, I like his expression :)

Enjoy the rest of the week! I have some catching up to do on all of your blogs, so I will get to it!