A Week of Portraits

A few candid and permission-asked portraits from the past few days.

From the top:
1.Semi-candid photo of Michelle. She saw me coming but didn’t say no as I took the photo. I like that she’s looking away, and not at the camera at all.
2. A quick portrait of Zulema. I saw her once before and wanted to take her photo, but didn’t so made sure to ask this time. She seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn’t want to bother her too much and took this one image. If I had a few more minutes, I would have liked to try a couple more.
3. I was taking some photos of her shop displays when she opened the door to ask what I was doing. I turned and snapped this photo and explained myself :) She was really nice though and didn’t seem to mind.
4. At first I walked by Daniel and turned back and moved up along side him to take this photo. After I took the shot, we talked about what I was doing and I showed him the image on the LCD. I like that he appears to be in his own world, and not aware of the camera. He was fine with it and we shook hands and parted ways shortly after.
5. Samantha was waiting for her bus as I approached. She was probably a bit suspicious of this stranger with a camera wanting a photo of her! Much like Zulema, I wish I had more time to frame a better portrait, though I’m still happy with how the shot turned out.
6. I loved Sandy’s Canadian accessories :) It is frustrating that we still have to wear such heavy winter clothes in SPRING! We talked briefly and I found out that she is from Belgium and has been in Canada for 1 year.

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!