Winnipeg Street: Shane

I met Shane tonight while heading home from a brief walk around the downtown. I wasn’t in a hurry and when I noticed Shane and another gentleman, I decided to stop and start a conversation. Shane was quite a well spoken young man and was very clear on the direction he wanted his life to go. He had quite a lot of struggles in the past, having recently exited a treatment facility.

He has been studying Christianity and the Bible quite extensively and has found himself becoming a street minister of sorts. He explained that he could sit quietly reading the Bible for hours without realizing the time. What I found refreshing about Shane was his open minded approach to spirituality and his easy going, good natured attitude towards folks of different culture, race and also religion. I certainly appreciated this, as having people force their beliefs upon another is not a good approach. It was a very candid discussion and I could easily see him becoming a motivational speaker.

A very good writer, Shane shared with me some of his stories – slices of his day to day interactions with people around Winnipeg. Shane has many plans for his future but admitted he had a long way to go. He was full of enthusiasm however, and I have no doubt, with some hard work and dedication to his goals, he’ll be successful. I tried to encourage him to keep pushing forward and not to give up.