Winnipeg Street: Laura and Chad

Went for a quick walk around the downtown this evening and ended up chatting with Chad and Laura. They were taking a rest before moving on to their next destination, having recently arrived in the city. They travel regularly around the country by trainhopping. Laura is a pretty good photographer and she showed me several of the images she’s taken from a recent journey from on board a container train.

It was interesting talking to them and getting some insight into this lifestyle that many of us know very little about. I told them about my street portraiture project and they both thought it was interesting and although a bit apprehensive, allowed me to take a few photos. We talked a bit about tattoos and how many automatically judged them. You can either walk by staring, thinking all manner of things or simply take a moment to discover someone who just might be an interesting person to talk to. As is the case with many of the people I encounter, I very much enjoy doing the latter! Thanks Laura and Chad!