Gimnasio, La Habana

While visiting Havana, I had a nice chat with one of the trainers at this small gym. It was a chance encounter as the day was nearly done and the legs were about to give in for the day! He was kind enough to invite me in to check out the equipment and take a few photos. I plan on returning at some point and taking some additional images and giving them a set of prints that can be hung on the walls of the space.

They made do with what they had. It appeared that much of their equipment was crafted out of scrap metal and included weight-plates made from machine gears, benches and machines built from what looked like old building scaffolding. Innovative and functional. What I enjoyed most about this place was the camaraderie and sense of belonging. Everyone was helping each other out – if they required it. There was a lot of friendly competition and good energy. Oh, and I did give the chin-up bar a go….and that photo will remain hidden!!