Photographic Diversity

One of the most important things I’ve learned over the past couple of years is that being a diverse photographer can really help during those times when there just isn’t enough of a particular subject. Since 2011, when I first started to become serious about photography, I have attempted a variety of genres, from landscapes to street photography. I wanted to learn as much as I could about each and at least try my best at creating some decent shots to fulfill this thirst for more knowledge.

How did I decide that street photography / street portraiture was the right fit? From doing the above. It wasn’t a quick or easy decision to make. I’m interested in all aspects of photography but there was always something about street photography that intrigued me. It seems so pure and at times very raw – the documentation of life, as it happens. Humanity fascinates me, it always has.

Yes, I actually do enjoy flower photography as well as landscapes! I also find architectural and street photography compliment each other perfectly. 

Although I dedicate nearly every frame to street photography, I’ve never stopped practicing other areas. There are going to be days when the streets aren’t yielding interesting enough scenes. I’m not a random snapper – I aim to tell stories and to capture unique encounters. To keep you going on the slow days I would advise learning all you can about other areas that might interest you. Landscape photography, food photography, travel, interiors and architectural photography, among others, can develop your creativity and technique, giving you more knowledge which will make your main photographic focus even better. Don’t think just because you haven’t taken a street shot in a few days that you’re giving up or that it’s hopeless. Dry spells happen. It is important that you’re constantly learning and improving yourself as a photographer.

Have a wonderful weekend!