What’s next for Cuba?

Classic cars roll past in La Habana

With the recent news that the United States has started to renew relations with Cuba came as a thunderous sigh of relief for many, and a bag of mixed emotions for others. The immediate concerns and benefits are clear – on both sides. The introduction of inexpensive (and accessible) consumer goods could help many Cubans enter the modern world while providing yet another economic partner for the US. Eventually, there will be thousands of US tourists roaming the centuries old streets, bringing with them money. In a perfect world, this economic boost will go towards making a far more prosperous local population. Of course there are many areas that need to be addressed, including human rights, infrastructure and the policies of both countries.

Although there is great excitement for an amicable Cuba – United States relationship; time will tell if this is just a dream or will become a reality.

Where do I stand? Of course I’m happy for the Cuban people. They deserve a shot at economic prosperity and improved freedoms. However, I would be lying if I wasn’t a little sad, knowing that the unique streets and lack of modern “conveniences” are going to one day be replaced – one might assume – with advertising, familiar brands and the desire to have the next best thing. Things eventually change – and this must be true for Cuba as well.

La Habana skyline at dusk